Round Table Kuwait

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Round Table Kuwait

Young achievers driven by common aims & objectives

Round Table Kuwait was initially chartered some time in the 1970s. Membership was confined to expatriates. However, the Iraqi invasion of 1990 saw the mass exodus of most expatriates from the country in view of the impending war. Following the liberation of Kuwait, no active efforts were made to recharter the club until 2003. In that year, men in Kuwait who were tablers previously in other countries (and also fulfilled the age criteria) managed to contact each other. In October 2003, Round Table Kuwait was rechartered sponsored by Round Table Bahrain..

Today Round Table Kuwait is considered a club hierarchically falls under Round Table Arabian Gulf (the national association). Other Clubs exist under Round Table Arabian Gulf are:

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

Manama - Bahrain

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Logo of Round Table Kuwait

Every individual table around the world must have its own logo. To a large extent, the basis of any RT logo is the rondel. The center of this rondel would contain an image that is representative of the local area, its history, culture or tradition. At the center of Round Table Kuwait’s logo are the Kuwait Towers.

They are a group of three slender towers in Kuwait City, standing on a promontory into the Persian Gulf. They were officially inaugurated on 26 February 1977 and are rated as a landmark and symbol of modern Kuwait.