AMI Ludo League 2020

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AMI Quick Ludo League Info Pack



• Kuwait Round Table 5 is organizing a Quick Ludo tournament for AMI Tablers on Saturday 13th June at 3 PM (Central Africa Time). 4 PM Kuwait Time, 5 PM UAE Time, 6:30 PM IST

The game will be played on mobiles using the Yalla Ludo app.

The tournament is expected to last upto 3 hours.

Participation is FREE and there are 3 cash prizes for the top 3 tournament players.

Name of tournament:

• AMI Quick Ludo League 2020

Date and Time of Tournament:

• Saturday 13th June at 3 PM (Central Africa Time), 4 PM Kuwait Time, 5 PM UAE Time, 6:30 PM IST


• Mobile Phone

Game Mode:

• Quick Ludo (see the illustration at the end)

Software needed:

• Yalla Ludo (Google Play)

• Yalla Ludo (Apple App Store)


Eligible Players:

• All AMI Tablers


• Software downloaded

• Stable internet connection

• Practice games before the event itself (recommended)

• Earphone with Mic for in-game voice chat (recommended)


Primary point of contact and registration / Chief Organizer:

• Tr. Sujit Panicker (Kuwait RT5) ( WhatsApp 00965 9400 4375)

Deadline for registration:

• Saturday 12th June 2020, 07:00 PM (Arabian Gulf Time)

Link for Registration:

click on register here option or

access this URL

Registration Form

Tournament Format:

• Tournament will be played over 5 rounds

• In each round, a game will have upto 4 players

• Points will be allocated at the end of the game as per follows:

o 1st place: 15 points

o 2nd place: 10 points

o 3rd place: 7 points

o 4th place: 4 points

• At the end of each game, screen shot of that in-game result table should be published on the WhatsApp group

• At the end of each round, the points table will be published on the WhatsApp group

• At the end of the tournament, the final points table and ranking will be published on WhatsApp group

• Tie-breaker Rules: In case of points tie at end of tournament (5 rounds):

o Rule 1: If 2 or more players are tied in points, Head-to-Head Performance in their match(es) against each other will be factored

o Rule 2: If Rule 1 is inconclusive, player overall performance will be factored: number of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place positions in 5 Rounds

o Rule 3: If Rule 2 is inconclusive, an additional game (Tie-breaker game) will be played by the players involved


Penalty Rules:

• No use of re-roll dice (using diamonds) – will result in forfeiture of 10 points per wherein used.

Tournament Prizes and payout:

• 1st Place- US$ 50

• 2nd Place – US$ 20

• 3rd Place – US$ 10

• Prize amount sponsored by Kuwait RT5

Communication Platform:

• Chief Organizer will create a WhatsApp group which will have

o All players and observers

o Tournament guidelines document (PDF)

o All social communication

o Published results after each game and round

o Final results


For any other Info

contact event organiser.


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